Health and Wellness Opportunities

Second Home Fitness offers a variety of Health and Fitness workshops, lectures, courses and programs. Below you can review the upcoming events including: details, fees, date, time, location and registration information.
Do you have a group interested in a Health and Fitness Subject not covered in our upcoming events? Have a look at the list of Health and Fitness Topics in the downloadable section. Second Home Fitness can organize a special training event for your group. Email us today to book a complimentary consultation. Looking forward to helping you “learn properly today to perform effectively tomorrow”

Words to Live By

“ Balance is the sum of strength, endurance and proprioception. All are attainable through *Equilibrium*”

In the Spotlight

Here is a preview of *Equilibrium* the balance program that I designed to help people improve their balance in a safe and effective manne.

Educational Downloads

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Anytime Goals – People generally think of setting goals around the beginning of the Year – “New Year’s Resolutions”. I’d like to think goals should be set any time you feel the desire to accomplish something.Do you have that something in mind but not sure where to start?  First, read my Blog – Anytime Goals then use this template to organize your idea.
Strong and Stable Hips – Strong and Stable Hips: Discover strengthening exercises and stretches to help keep your hips happy and healthy.
Client Intake Form – For fitness professionals – A comprehensive template to guide you through a initial client assessment. Use as-is or amend to include additional information.
Hydrotherapy Techniques – Discover various ways to use hot and cold water applications to decrease pain, increase range of motion and increase function.
Fitness Program Checklist – Thinking of joining a new fitness training class? Not sure what to expect? Review our checklist of basic information you should be looking for regarding the instructor and the program.
Health and Fitness Topics – A comprehensive list of topics that Second Home Fitness specializes in. Each topic can be modified to accommodate various age groups, sports groups and levels of ability. Contact us to organize a group training session.
Exercises To Help Reduce Posterior Pelvic Tilt – As Health and Fitness Professionals we often see people with increased anterior pelvic tilt that causes pain and or discomfort.   We seldom see clients with an increased posterior pelvic tilt however, it does happen.  Refer to this chart for specific exercise considerations for helping people with posterior pelvic tilt issues.