Lisa has been instrumental in helping me recover from injury. With her expert guidance, I have gone from feeling like I had a disability to regaining my full range of motion and mobility. Not only has Lisa taught me how to recover and prevent further injury, I have developed a new peak of strength and fitness that I didn’t think was possible. Lisa really cares about her clients and was able to structure a fitness program specifically for me. She has a wealth of knowledge about how the body operates and is able to answer any questions I have about the how or why of any exercise. You could not find a personal trainer more dedicated to her field than Lisa. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Aura Giles, July 2019

I am in my late 60s. I have always been a strong active person – runner, skier, skater and huge gardener.  I started to have lower back pain and numbness in my leg more than 10 years ago.  I went to physiotherapy and finally a doctor resulting in an MRI that found moderate to severe spinal stenosis. After that, once physios read my MRI report, they became reluctant to give any advice on how to stay active or deal with increasing numbness other than to see what works for me. Their reaction made me worry I could make my condition worse and slowly I began giving up all the activities I love.

I met Lisa Guadamuz at the Y.  Her help has been a revelation to me. No one had ever suggested that therapeutic massage might help me and I didn’t even know what therapeutic massage was. Well now I am a big advocate.

Unlike physio, Lisa actually works on the area that is causing my leg to go numb and creating pain in my lower back.  She has identified the sources of my problem and given me specific stretches to do every day and stretches that alleviate the numbness when it happens. She listens and asks questions and has advice on how to modify day to day activities like snow shoveling or sweeping.  Next, she is going to give me personal training to show me how to modify exercises so I can get back to the Y classes I enjoy. Finally, Lisa has given me back my confidence.  I know that I will be able to ski, skate, cycle, garden and generally remain active without worsening my condition till I am too old to care anymore.  I highly recommend Lisa!

Jane B, Feb 2019

After a severe sciatic attack, I asked Lisa to give me a routine to fortify my back and help me avoid new attacks. I’ve suffered from sciatica for a long time until a massage therapist told me what no doctor advice me before: to fortify my back to avoid more pain. Lisa created a routine for me, and now I train every second day at the gym. Since July 2017 I have not had any sciatica episodes. Thank you, Lisa!

Marcelo Donato Errecarte, July 2018

Lisa is a knowledgeable and caring fitness and wellness professional. I was fortunate to have met Lisa one day at the Y while we were both using stationary bikes. Some time after that I was looking for a personal trainer as I was needed a new routine at the gym. Having been an active person, it was very difficult for me facing that I needed a modified program as my mobility was changing. Lisa was recommended. Despite not having a clear diagnosis (early on), Lisa did not judge rather she had the right combination of empathy and “perseverance techniques”, and supported me in maintaining my mobility for as long as possible (I have since had a total hip replacement with full recovery). Lisa developed and revised a personal training and fitness/maintenance programs for me that met my needs and exceeded my expectations. Lisa was always reassessing me and thinking ahead, while providing support and encouragement in a way that I could respond. I know Lisa has a wide variety of clients with whom she works and I certainly understand the appeal. Thank you Lisa for making a difference!

Joanne Green, January 2016

Increased energy.  Increased strength.  Confidence to exercise without injury. Weight loss.  All this after 10 weeks of the RESET program​, lead by Lisa Guadamuz​!  The dietician provided useful information, tools, and personal guidance that facilitated weight loss. Twice a week, our small group met with the trainer who showed us how to do exercises easily and to adapt them for our unique physical limitations.  On Tuesdays, we learned new exercises.  On Thursdays, we were supervised doing the newly learned routine.  Then on the weekends, we were encouraged to do the new routine on our own.  Joining RESET with my partner added to the enjoyment and the motivation. The result? ​​ ​I​ turned​ ​into a gym rat!

Pamela, Jan 2015

I attended Lisa’s mentoring course last year. I’ve come a long way since then. I have taken many courses to increase my knowledge to further service my clients. I have accomplished a number of professional achievements that I am proud of. I have used what Lisa taught me and, because of that, I have been successful in my first year of training. I love helping people reach their personal fitness and health goals. I think I have found my true calling in life. I owe a lot to Lisa for preparing me for the job. Thank you.

Devon Graham, Jan 1, 2013

I started training with Lisa on the recommendation of a friend. After several running injuries, I was looking for more balance by adding in swimming and cycling. “You’ll love it. Lisa takes great care of everyone,” my friend had said. And it’s true. She combines in-depth knowledge ranging from nutrition advice to training approaches with that gentle but demanding cheerfulness you need in a fitness trainer. It was amazing to see how she provided specific individual feedback and created that “we can do it”-atmosphere in a triathlon class of diverse ages, abilities and experiences. After ten months of taking classes with Lisa, I was ready for the challenge I had set myself: a double Ironman. Being a runner, I wasn’t too worried about the double marathon at the end but I did wonder how I would get through my “new” disciplines: a 7.5 km swim and a 370 km bike ride. Thanks to excellent preparation and a great race strategy, I completed the challenge fatigued but smiling in 36 hours. Thank you, Lisa!

Carsten Quell, August 28 2012

New trainers are foolish to pass the opportunity by.
The mentorship I participated in with Lisa was the key to unlocking the practical side of everything I’d learned in the certification process. While I did gain practical experience with the 12 hour PFT-ATP course and benefited greatly from it, it wasn’t until I was able to guide the transfer of information from Lisa to myself that I was able to fill in the gaps in my own knowledge and gain the confidence I need to move forward as a personal trainer. Not being bound by a curriculum or a timetable geared toward a group dynamic allowed me to focus on what I felt I needed more experience in. Lisa, after a brief meeting, understood what I wanted to accomplish with the mentorship and excelled in not just answering my questions and allowing me to see training through more experienced eyes she also arranged an opportunity for me to shadow her from the client side of things. The whole process was invaluable and I have no doubt I am more prepared to enter my new career after working with Lisa than I was before.

Nicole Pinch, May 22 2012