During my 20 years on the fitness industry I heard the same comments over and over from people seeking Professional Fitness Advice: ” I don’t know where to go”, “I don’t know who to ask”, “ How can I be sure they know what they are doing”. The ultimate question was “How do I know if they are right for me” As a Fitness Coordinator my job was to pair people with Fitness Trainers that I thought would be a good fit. So, I had to really understand the Trainers’ knowledge, strengths, and abilities.

Throughout my years teaching the Personal Training Certification courses and mentoring Fitness Trainers, I heard things like: ” I don’t have time to build a website”, “I don’t know how to build a website”, “I am a people person, not a computer person”. One of the biggest concerns was ” How do I reach clients?”

From facilities, I would hear “Are you certified to instruct … class? ” Do you know anyone who could teach … course?”,” Do you know where I could find someone to teach…?” One of the most common requests was for Fitness Professional referrals.

When I would seek out information for things I was interested in; jujitsu, kick boxing classes, yoga, swimming instruction, even coaches for specific sports; I felt that the information was not easy to find. I had to review countless websites, where I would try to navigate through the information to see the specific instructors, coaches, or trainers. I often found the sites did not provide enough details about the individuals teaching the courses/classes. I found that there was a lot of information regarding the actual company and the classes but not enough information on the individual instructors, coaches, or trainers.

So, I decided to build a website that would bring everybody together. The concept is to create a community where all Canadian Fitness Professionals could be found. Where Visitors to the site, can see the uniqueness of each Profession and Professional. Then, these potential clients/employers (visitors) could make informed decisions about who they would work with and connect with them directly. Do to restrictions this past year, it’s time I focus on this new goal – Connecting People to Fitness Professionals across CANADA.

I think I will call this the perseverance project!

Check out this table that outlines the functions of GNFP.ca

For The People For The Professionals For The Studios, Facilities and Associations
Find Instructors, Coaches, Mentors and Leaders in Sport, Fitness and Recreation all on one site Create your Profile to include your certifications, education and specialties – for FREE


Create a Profile to highlight your business for FREE
Conduct your own Search for Coaches, Instructors, and Leaders in Sports, Fitness and Recreation Add a Specific Listing that showcases your main location

(Additional locations can be listed for an additional fee)

Showcase your main location and services

(Additional locations can be listed for an additional fee)

Review profiles for certifications, education, specialties, and experience List your specific services, special populations, and other information for each location Find Coaches, Mentors, Instructors and Leaders in Sports, Fitness and Recreation
See Special Events and Promotions Advertise Special Events and Promotions Advertise Special Events and Promotions
Search any location across Canada and choose who you want to work with Edit Profile anytime Increase your exposure by having your staff become members of GNFP.ca
Use Contact page to inquire directly about services Help create a Community of Canadian Sport, Fitness and Recreation Professionals Search profile of qualified Professionals
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Review any testimonials that are highlighted on profiles Post Sport, Fitness and Recreation employment opportunities Post employment opportunities within your business
Submit a testimonial to someone you have hired on GNFP.ca Apply to job postings on the site Submit a testimonial and/or review current testimonials highlighted on profiles
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