During my 20 years on the fitness industry I heard the same comments over and over from people seeking Professional Fitness Advice: ” I don’t know where to go”, “I don’t know who to ask”, “ How can I be sure they know what they are doing”. The ultimate question was “How do I know if they are right for me” As a Fitness Coordinator my job was to pair people with Fitness Trainers that I thought would be a good fit. So, I had to really understand the Trainers’ knowledge, strengths, and abilities.

Throughout my years teaching the Personal Training Certification courses and mentoring Fitness Trainers, I heard things like: ” I don’t have time to build a website”, “I don’t know how to build a website”, “I am a people person, not a computer person”. One of the biggest concerns was ” How do I reach clients?”

From facilities, I would hear “Are you certified to instruct … class? ” Do you know anyone who could teach … course?”,” Do you know where I could find someone to teach…?” One of the most common requests was for Fitness Professional referrals.

When I would seek out information for things I was interested in; jujitsu, kick boxing classes, yoga, swimming instruction, even coaches for specific sports; I felt that the information was not easy to find. I had to review countless websites, where I would try to navigate through the information to see the specific instructors, coaches, or trainers. I often found the sites did not provide enough details about the individuals teaching the courses/classes. I found that there was a lot of information regarding the actual company and the classes but not enough information on the individual instructors, coaches, or trainers.

So, I decided to build a website that would bring everybody together. The concept is to create a community where all Canadian Fitness Professionals could be found. Where Visitors to the site, can see the uniqueness of each Profession and Professional. Then, these potential clients/employers (visitors) could make informed decisions about who they would work with and connect with them directly. Do to restrictions this past year, it’s time I focus on this new goal – Connecting People to Fitness Professionals across CANADA.

I think I will call this the perseverance project!