Month May 2017

Take a Time out! You Need it 

Much too often we underestimate the importance of taking a break.  We work long hours, rush home to engage in after-work activities: social, athletic or family commitments, we stay up too late, get little rest then get up and do… Continue Reading →

To Ice or Heat – that is the Question

“Do I ice or heat?” that is the question I have heard over and over throughout the years when discussing injuries and or pain in general. The answer is not as simple as you may think. Although it can be… Continue Reading →

Working beyond your Safe Zone

As Professional Fitness Trainers, we should keep an open mind when considering who we will take on as clients.  From my experience, I’ve noticed that most fitness trainers tend to stay within a certain niche.  They study, develop skills and… Continue Reading →

Are you a Fitness Professional wanting to work with Stroke Survivors?

Depending on the severity of the stroke a person can be left with a plethora of physical challenges. Some survivors engage in programs provided by our healthcare system, some do not. The rehabilitative experience can be quite different from person… Continue Reading →

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