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Hi! My name is Lisa Guadamuz, I am the Owner of Second Home Fitness where I provide services as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Educator and Registered Massage Therapist. My mission is to provide you with the necessary treatment and education to support fundamental choices and nurture a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy helping people to recover from physical challenges such as chronic pain, weakness, asymmetry, and injury. As well, I enjoy working with athletes, musicians, and artists; learning about their movement needs and helping them to improve their functional mechanics.

What makes me different is that I have an in-depth knowledge of movement mechanics and exercise prescription from being a Certified Fitness Trainer. Couple this with a deep understanding of anatomy, injury prevention and rehabilitation from Massage Therapy and you get the best of both worlds. I can assess you in the treatment room through Massage Therapy then guild you through an individualized exercise program suited to your specific needs.

In addition to the Exercise and Massage Therapy, I enjoy sharing my knowledge through workshops, lectures and tutorials. I love to share what I have learned with fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Second Home Fitness motto is
“Learn Properly Today to Perform Effectively Tomorrow”

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The Second Home Fitness merchandise showcase is open! There are long sleeve cotton shirts as well as visors. We also have Instructional, Full body Stretch Booklets that are available for purchase. Have a look and contact me directly to put your order in.