It seems that Boot-Camp fitness training opportunities are available everywhere these days. How can you tell the potentially good from the potentially not-so-good? Before joining a program, you should find out this basic information about the instructor and the program.

  • Does the instructor have a valid fitness certification and liability insurance?
  • Will they provide a health screening  questionairre to know you are fit to join?
  • Is the payment and refund policy covered in the informed consent/waiver?


Once these critical points have been met then here are 8 additional points to consider when deciding if the program is a true Boot-Camp or potentially a Booty-Camp or even a Broken-Down-Camp.


Boot-Camp Booty Broken
Instructor is prepared and welcomes everyone Instructor is somewhat prepared but makes-up for it in looks Instructor is not prepared and makes up excuses
Instructor pays equal attention to everyone Instructor pays too much attention the “pretty people” and not enough to others Instructor pays little attention to you or anyone else
Instructor provides constructive feedback to everyone Feedback is in the format of flirting No specific feedback is given to anyone
Encourages challenge with no pain Provides encouragement with racy innuendos Demands more with no regard to ability
Modifies exercise to affect intensity Modifications are sexual in nature No modifications are given to anyone
Explains purpose of each exercise Purpose is suggestive in nature and not helpful Does not explain the purpose of any exercise
Exercises are safe and functional Exercises are awkward, uncomfortable and ineffective Exercises are too intense and complicated
Suggests progress and commitment Suggests you should go out for dinner and a movie No suggestions, no connection to you or anyone else


Ultimately it comes down to how you feel…


Safely Challenged             Violated and Uneasy             Unwanted and Unsure


Here are some final tips to consider before joining any fitness program:

  • Inquire about a trial session
  • Ask participants for their feedback
  • Observe how the instructor interacts with the participants
  • Decide if it is right for you before signing any forms

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